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Integrity, the Basis of Spiritual Development

Posted by Roncarspeaks on December 10th, 2011


Integrity, the Basis of Spiritual Development

excerpt from 12-06-11

It seems like Roncar will be exploring the subject of Spiritual Development over the next few sessions and that last week’s address was a precursor. Roncar has introduced the topic of Integrity as the first step on the path of Spiritual Development.

How often does the topic of integrity come up in today’s’ world? Unfortunately it seems to arise in the news all too often to point out the lack of it amongst our leaders both in business and in government. How many movies or TV shows have moral lessons woven into their plots that might inspire you to be a better person, or encourage you to reach for the higher ground in your everyday life? The answer is far too few.

Our integrity, or our personal code of ethics, pervades virtually every aspect of our life from the way we take care of ourselves to the way we treat others. The person with integrity considers the results of his words and actions and the effects they will have on the self and others. These considerations are at the essence of the spiritually oriented person.

Roncar has the ability to take this simple concept and expand its scope in a way that will inspire you to embrace the importance of these concepts in your ever day life. (In fact, this is the first time I can remember Roncar giving us a homework assignment that will be addressed in the next session.)

He summarizes: “And so, our lesson for this week in Spiritual Development is to first be true to yourself. Consider the importance of you. Know that the actions you take in every day to preserve your own being, to assure your good health, to contribute to the welfare of the world, are part of the steps of Spiritual Development. This is the basis. And I would like each of you to consider all the other attributes you would like to find within yourself, and that you would like others to see within you.”

Happy Listening, Robert Victor, Editor / Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

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