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The Most Essential Element of Loving

Posted by Roncarspeaks on February 13th, 2012


The Most Essential Element of Loving

(from 02-12-12)

This is a special Valentine's Day edition of Roncar Speaks.  It is a little unusual in that this time Roncar is not speaking. This segment is a homily that was given by Norma at the Institute of Spiritual Development in Sparta, NJ. Because Valentine’s Day was only two days away it was only appropriate that Norma should speak about the topic of Love.

In this brief homily the concept of the most essential element for the loving person is introduced.  Some of you may already know that most essential element.  However I would venture that most might not have considered Love and the ability to love from this point of view. Contrary to what you might already be thinking, it is really about a love that is focused on just one person, yet it is a love that becomes all encompassing.

I really don’t want to give too much away before you hear this address. I hope I have wet your appetite enough for you to take a moment to consider this message of Love and loving on Valentine's Day.

Norma and I wish you the very best in all matters of Life and Love on this special day. Don’t forget you can join us this evening at our live broadcast of Roncar Speaks on at 8:00PM (EST).

Happy Listening!

Warm Regards, Robert Victor,  Editor

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As we develop spiritually, do we befriend or transcend our Ego?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on February 11th, 2012


As we develop spiritually, do we befriend or transcend our Ego?

Question from William H. (from 02-07-12)

This is an answer with a twist, and Roncar also ties the subject of Happiness into the discussion of Ego and its role in life and our conscious development.
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Happiness is an Affirmation Away

Posted by Roncarspeaks on February 11th, 2012


Happiness is an Affirmation Away

(from 02-07-12)

In this session Roncar addresses numerous topics to arrive at the main point of the discourse. He even suggests the title for this excerpt as “Happiness is just an Affirmation away." (That is a first.)

Initially you might think that this is just too simple, too clichéd or even too optimistic. You may think you have heard it all before and perhaps even tried some affirmations from time to time. However, I urge you to listen to how Roncar states his case because he will take you through a basic understanding of how you arrived at the point you are today and what you can do to improve the quality of your reality.

The basic question centers around, “How satisfied are you with yourself?” Happiness is really all about being happy with yourself and the reality you create by yourself and for yourself.

Roncar says, “Happiness is one of the easiest things to create.”  Considering the state of our world today with the misery index running off of the chart because of everything from the economy to war in the Middle East, happiness does not seem like a commodity that is in abundant supply with the majority of the our population.

So, how do you create Happiness? How do you overcome the negative indoctrination of your subconscious youth, as well as negate the negative stimulus that surrounds you? The answer is to re-program. Counterbalance all of those old ways of perceiving your reality by making the conscious decision to reshape your reality today. Your conscious decision to correct the bad habits of old and lazy perceptions can transform your new reality one thought at a time. Just like the instructions on many cleaning supplies, “Repeat as necessary until clean.”

Happy Listening!

Robert Victor,  Editor

Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

Do You Talk Trash to Yourself?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on February 4th, 2012


Do You "Talk Trash" to Yourself (from 01-31-12)

In this episode of Roncar Speaks, Roncar emphasizes the importance for each of us to be aware of what we allow to enter our reality.  This includes the influences from our external influence from friends and family as well as what surfaces from our mind.  By guarding the gates of our consciousness we take full responsibility for our experience in life.

Roncar amusingly refers to the constant barrage of “trash talk” that flies all around us from those we encounter at work and home. The opportunity to let the negative opinions and judgments from others to influence our reality is always available.

Besides entertaining the negativity from friends, family and associates, what about you? Do you talk trash to yourself?  Are you one who has internalized the negative messages of others to replay over and over again when the appropriate situation arises to reinforce any negative opinion you may be harboring about yourself? When you place this scenario within this context, it sounds like a dumb thing to do; like banging you head against a wall, or hitting your thumb with a hammer. But if you really watch what goes on in your head, there is a very good chance you will see this little bug running around inside of your head wreaking all kinds of havoc even though some of these thoughts can be very cleverly disguised, seemingly innocuous, and very subtle.

The issue is not about the negativity bait dangling on a hook at the door to our consciousness.  Whether the source be from a friend or from the regurgitation of you own mind, the action that is taken becomes an issue of self responsibility and ultimately self love. It is up to you to decide what you allow into your reality.  You are the person in charge. You have the power to decide what to accept, or reject.  Sometimes we totally forget the incredible power we possess to shape and transform our life experience via the simple practice of exercising our own will.

Roncar’s message is to stand on guard.  Be conscious and protect your delicate balance. Turn on your own spam filter and decide what goes to your “in box” or what gets placed in the “trash.

Happy Listening!

Warm Regards, Robert Victor,  Editor

Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

The Path of Health, Healing & Personal Growth

Posted by Roncarspeaks on January 28th, 2012


The Path of Health, Healing & Personal Growth (from 01-24-12)

Even though we have had a delightfully mild winter here in northern NJ so far, that has not stopped the cold and flu season. For the past 4 weeks I have been battling one of the most pernicious colds I can remember. Looking back I can blame it on the stress of  the holidays with an active social season, and a demanding year end work load. However, often you think, “could this have been avoided?’

This question must be on the mind of many for Health was the main topic of discussion for Roncar this week. However, as you might expect Roncar brought the subject of health, into the realm of healing and the path to personal growth.

Roncar’s premise is that the illnesses or injuries in your life are a key to discovering the issues that you have been avoiding. If you feel unable or insecure in your life, illness will eventually find its way into your life on some level.  When ignored, things which cause unhappiness or that are destructive in you’re your life, tend to grow into a larger obstacle within the mind and ultimately make the situation appear much larger than it really is. As a result you may create an illness or attract an accident as an excuse to not take the actions needed to address your dilemma.

You may ask how an illness or physical affliction can become a pathway to greater perfection, but the answer lies in the optimistic axiom that “What does not kill you serves to make you stronger.”  Everyone knows that when you have a bug or a flu virus, by the time the body heals itself, it has developed immunity to that same bug. In a sense the body has become smarter.

The same is true on the mental level. By observing the consequences of your actions and learning how to make better decisions, you become smarter and wiser, and  as you become smarter and wiser you also become healthier.  Some of us work at it consciously and others just grow through the process, but eventually you develop the ability to successfully deal with issues as they arise. As a result your consciousness becomes as clear as clean running water free from pollutants, and free from the kind of contamination that ultimately results in illness or injury.

The bottom line is “Good metal health is essential for good physical health.” By taking the time to explore the mental source or cause for the physical issues within your body, you can discover a path of action to heal both body and mind.  This concept presents a concept that could never be explored in one simple excerpt, but maybe it might get you thinking?

Happy Listening!

Warm Regards, Robert Victor,  Editor

Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

The Value of Being Trustworthy

Posted by Roncarspeaks on January 14th, 2012


The Value of Being Trustworthy (from 01-10-12)

This week Roncar continues with the review of his assignment to all of us several weeks again when he asked us to write down a list the qualities that we would wish others to see in us. In order for others to see those qualities, obviously first we would have to BE those qualities.

When Roncar began his address this week, I had two thoughts. The first was that this was so elementary, how would anyone find this to be of interest?  Doesn’t everyone already know this? And then as he continued to speak I recalled some of the formative influences from my youth that helped to shape the values that I carry with me today.

When I was a youth in the Boy Scouts, one of the first things we had to learn was the “Scout Oath” and the “Boy Scout Law.”  I know this sounds a bit “hokey” but these were a list of positive attributes that we had to recite at the beginning of each meeting.  In order to receive our “Tenderfoot” badge we had to memorize them and give an explanation of what each of these attributes meant.

I have no idea if it is the same way today, but I do know that the Scout Oath and the Scout Law was something than ran through my mind all the time because I had to recite them out loud every week along with all of my other fellow troop members. It definitely had a good effect no matter how corny it might have seemed at the time. (Just in case you’re interested I have the Scout Oath and the Scout Law at the bottom of this page)

So in that light, Roncar is asking us to create our own list of values and characteristics that we want to emulate in our life.  Just before the Holiday break we introduced the topic of Integrity (see VOL 3) as well as "The Groundrules of Love." (see Vol 4)

In this week Roncar explores the value of being Trustworthy. While this is something we take for granted, I do urge you to listen to this short segment, perhaps even twice. On the surface it seems do simple, yet when you really listen, the value of this attribute for your own benefit as well as for the rest of the world, makes a very simple truth become a very powerful tool for living a successful life.

Honesty and trustworthiness have many levels and many ramifications. It is the basis for all successful relationships between individuals and on a larger scale between companies and even nations. It is incumbent upon each of us to demonstrate the value of being trustworthy in every aspect of our life. Once again it is our opportunity to change the World via our own will and action for it is our ripple that floats through the rest of the pond and has its influence felt throughout.

Thank you for your continued interest in the teachings of Roncar. We look forward to exploring and uncovering the truth that lies before our eyes and between our ears

Happy Listening!

Warm Regards, Robert Victor,  Editor

- - - - - - - - -


Boy Scout Oath or Promise

On my honor, I will do my best: -To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; -To help other people at all times; -To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

Boy Scout Law

A Scout is:

  • Trustworthy,
  • Loyal,
  • Helpful,
  • Friendly,
  • Courteous,
  • Kind,
  • Obedient,
  • Cheerful,
  • Thrifty,
  • Brave,
  • Clean,
  • and Reverent.
    Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

Roncar, Do You Know Abraham?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on January 14th, 2012


Roncar, Do You Know Abraham? (Abraham is channeled by Esther Hicks)

(from 01-10-12)

For those who follow the teachings of Abraham, this will be an interesting segment. Roncar also answers a question about why Abrams talks as "we" instead of "I."

Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

Roncar’s 2012 New Year Forecast

Posted by Roncarspeaks on January 7th, 2012


Roncar's 2012 New Year Forecast (from 01-03-12)

This week we will review Roncar’s’ forecast for the year of 2012.  As he says it is a “fun” evening and it is always well attended because each audience member also gets an individual forecast for the year.  This format is a departure from our normal course of discussion. I don’t know what year it began, but it all started with a question from one of our participants many years ago, and since then it has become a tradition.

We extend apologies to those who were listening on Our internet connection just conked out as Roncar was getting around to the meat of the matter and I could not get up and running again without disturbing the entire circle, so I have included the audio clip of Roncar’s general predictions and will also summarize a few other points of interest that came out later in the evening.

  • Even though the Maya calendar ends in 2012, life will continue as we know it.
  • There will not be any unusual changes to the Earth itself.
  • There will be MANY changes. The changes will not be external, but coming from within.
  • The US economy will show gradual improvement over the course of the year. The stock market will be very similar to last year in that it will go up and down and then up again to settle a little above current levels.  This is a gestation period. The anticipation of changes in the US government as a result of the elections will be reflected in the general economy and stock market
  • Actual growth in the US economy will start in 2013 and continue to grow in subsequent years.
  • The European economy will still lag behind the US economy and eventually adjust as the US economy gets back on track. The European economy in 2012 will not show improvement.
  • The Middle East will show signs of great unrest. However, there will not be a war. The turmoil in the Middle East will actually be of benefit in the long run. When asked about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Roncar indicated that they already have the technology to create a nuclear weapon and it is probable that they will have one before the end of the year. “Should they choose to complete it, they can complete it at any time.”
  • Increased Solar activity will interfere with wireless communications.

Thank you for your continued interest in the teachings of Roncar. We look forward to a year of exploring and uncovering the truth that lies before our eyes and between our ears

Happy Listening!

Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.
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