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The Path of Health, Healing & Personal Growth

Posted by Roncarspeaks on 28th January 2012


The Path of Health, Healing & Personal Growth (from 01-24-12)

Even though we have had a delightfully mild winter here in northern NJ so far, that has not stopped the cold and flu season. For the past 4 weeks I have been battling one of the most pernicious colds I can remember. Looking back I can blame it on the stress of  the holidays with an active social season, and a demanding year end work load. However, often you think, “could this have been avoided?’

This question must be on the mind of many for Health was the main topic of discussion for Roncar this week. However, as you might expect Roncar brought the subject of health, into the realm of healing and the path to personal growth.

Roncar’s premise is that the illnesses or injuries in your life are a key to discovering the issues that you have been avoiding. If you feel unable or insecure in your life, illness will eventually find its way into your life on some level.  When ignored, things which cause unhappiness or that are destructive in you’re your life, tend to grow into a larger obstacle within the mind and ultimately make the situation appear much larger than it really is. As a result you may create an illness or attract an accident as an excuse to not take the actions needed to address your dilemma.

You may ask how an illness or physical affliction can become a pathway to greater perfection, but the answer lies in the optimistic axiom that “What does not kill you serves to make you stronger.”  Everyone knows that when you have a bug or a flu virus, by the time the body heals itself, it has developed immunity to that same bug. In a sense the body has become smarter.

The same is true on the mental level. By observing the consequences of your actions and learning how to make better decisions, you become smarter and wiser, and  as you become smarter and wiser you also become healthier.  Some of us work at it consciously and others just grow through the process, but eventually you develop the ability to successfully deal with issues as they arise. As a result your consciousness becomes as clear as clean running water free from pollutants, and free from the kind of contamination that ultimately results in illness or injury.

The bottom line is “Good metal health is essential for good physical health.” By taking the time to explore the mental source or cause for the physical issues within your body, you can discover a path of action to heal both body and mind.  This concept presents a concept that could never be explored in one simple excerpt, but maybe it might get you thinking?

Happy Listening!

Warm Regards, Robert Victor,  Editor

Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

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What’s the Connection between a Birthmark and a Past Life?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on 26th November 2011


What's the Connection between a Birthmark and a Past Life?

an excerpt from 06-21-11

This simple question led to a great answer.

Have you ever considered that a pronounced birthmark on your body may be the result of an injury or medical condition from a previous incarnation?

Not only does Roncar expound upon the past life connections to current physical traits, but he also explains how the conscious and subconscious mind serves to generate the physical conditions that manifest in your body today. Once again the inner is a reflection of the outer.

Have you ever considered that the healing that takes place within your physical body also heals the inner world that caused you to manifest or attract that malady to begin with? Listen and find out why.

Robert Victor, Editor

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