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Roncar’s 2012 New Year Forecast

Posted by Roncarspeaks on 7th January 2012


Roncar's 2012 New Year Forecast (from 01-03-12)

This week we will review Roncar’s’ forecast for the year of 2012.  As he says it is a “fun” evening and it is always well attended because each audience member also gets an individual forecast for the year.  This format is a departure from our normal course of discussion. I don’t know what year it began, but it all started with a question from one of our participants many years ago, and since then it has become a tradition.

We extend apologies to those who were listening on Our internet connection just conked out as Roncar was getting around to the meat of the matter and I could not get up and running again without disturbing the entire circle, so I have included the audio clip of Roncar’s general predictions and will also summarize a few other points of interest that came out later in the evening.

  • Even though the Maya calendar ends in 2012, life will continue as we know it.
  • There will not be any unusual changes to the Earth itself.
  • There will be MANY changes. The changes will not be external, but coming from within.
  • The US economy will show gradual improvement over the course of the year. The stock market will be very similar to last year in that it will go up and down and then up again to settle a little above current levels.  This is a gestation period. The anticipation of changes in the US government as a result of the elections will be reflected in the general economy and stock market
  • Actual growth in the US economy will start in 2013 and continue to grow in subsequent years.
  • The European economy will still lag behind the US economy and eventually adjust as the US economy gets back on track. The European economy in 2012 will not show improvement.
  • The Middle East will show signs of great unrest. However, there will not be a war. The turmoil in the Middle East will actually be of benefit in the long run. When asked about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Roncar indicated that they already have the technology to create a nuclear weapon and it is probable that they will have one before the end of the year. “Should they choose to complete it, they can complete it at any time.”
  • Increased Solar activity will interfere with wireless communications.

Thank you for your continued interest in the teachings of Roncar. We look forward to a year of exploring and uncovering the truth that lies before our eyes and between our ears

Happy Listening!

Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

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