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Are You Ready To Receive?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on 25th February 2012


Are You Ready To Receive?

(from 02-21-12)

This past circle actually occurred on the same day and time as the beginning of the most powerful new moon that we shall see in this lifetime. (02-21-12) In light of this astrological occurrence we used our guided meditation and affirmation to set the stage for our goals, dreams and desires. As a result of this self empowering exercise, in his address Roncar introduced the next most obvious step for anyone who has ever set a goal, preparation.

Preparation for the receipt of the goal or desire or condition you seek is just as important as setting the goal itself. Are you ready to receive? Roncar reviews some items you might consider:

  • Have you gone through a period of self introspection with your goals?
  • Have you created obstacles for yourself?
  • Why have long time goals not manifested?
  • Have you taken the right actions to insure that your goal will manifest at some point in time?
  • Are you consistent in your thoughts and actions with respect to your goal?
  • Have you prepared your consciousness to receive that which you wish to receive?
  • In matters of Prosperity, are you thinking in terms of Prosperity.” Prosperity is a state of consciousness, not a state of bank account.”
  • In matters of Love, are you a giver of Love?

I also found two areas of his discussion I had never thought about before with regard to achievement. In every great religion, there is often a period of self denial, such as Lent.  It is a time of both preparation and anticipation.  The sacrifice or self-denial of certain foods (or whatever it might be) is the catalyst to preparing the conscious and subconscious mind along with the physical body to be receptive when the opportunity presents itself.  You are ready to receive in Mind, Body and Spirit.  It is safe to say that every Gold Medal Olympian sacrificed years in training, practice and hard work to be ready to win at the appropriate moment in time.

The other area I never thought about before was the role of the Ego in blocking our ability to receive.  Many times you are actually attracting the success you desire, but the Ego often steps in the way to place limitations or conditions on the opportunities actually being presented.  This is one of the reasons why the practice of self denial works well as a method of preparation, because it separates you from the Ego’s identity of what is the preferred way or method of manifestation. The disassociation from the Ego eliminates potential blocks.

There is really a lot for consideration in this short segment and it is so appropriate with the emergence of the new moon energy that surrounds us for the next several weeks to come.  We have also posted our guided meditation and affirmation that will certainly help you to focus on your goals and build the energy to propel your dreams forward.

Happy Listening!

Robert Victor, Editor

Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

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The Ground Rules of Love

Posted by Roncarspeaks on 17th December 2011


The Ground Rules of Love (from 12-13-11)

As we continue our discussion of the spiritually oriented person, the topic of Love has emerged as core element.

Are you a loving person?  The answer is, "Of Course."  We are all loving to one degree or another, but what I take away from this discussion is that the way in which your loving nature expresses itself is an indication of your maturity as a loving person. Or another way to say it is that your ability to love is a reflection of your own Spiritual journey and growth. It never ends and always has the upside potential for improvement.

In this holiday season, love is at the heart and core of all of our celebrations. No matter what religion or belief system you might embrace, the concept and practice of love is at the root of spiritual development.  Peace on Earth, Good Will toward men, Shalom. The message of love is interlaced in our holidays from the most common hallmarks of the season to our most intimate beliefs about the meaning and purpose of our life.

The practice of Love within the context of spiritual development is a very large topic and encompasses more than meets the eye at first glance. With this segment Roncar skillfully reflects upon the many characteristics of the loving person and why Love is at the heart of spiritual development. Judgment, tolerance, acceptance, generosity, kindness, forgiveness as well as the importance of self love are all reviewed in a perspective that is both complete and uplifting.

In this time of celebration with family and fiends, with those who are the closest to you, this little excerpt may greatly enhance  your ability to receive the benefits of the love that you receive and give in this holiday season.

Happy Listening, Robert Victor, Editor / Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

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Integrity, the Basis of Spiritual Development

Posted by Roncarspeaks on 10th December 2011


Integrity, the Basis of Spiritual Development

excerpt from 12-06-11

It seems like Roncar will be exploring the subject of Spiritual Development over the next few sessions and that last week’s address was a precursor. Roncar has introduced the topic of Integrity as the first step on the path of Spiritual Development.

How often does the topic of integrity come up in today’s’ world? Unfortunately it seems to arise in the news all too often to point out the lack of it amongst our leaders both in business and in government. How many movies or TV shows have moral lessons woven into their plots that might inspire you to be a better person, or encourage you to reach for the higher ground in your everyday life? The answer is far too few.

Our integrity, or our personal code of ethics, pervades virtually every aspect of our life from the way we take care of ourselves to the way we treat others. The person with integrity considers the results of his words and actions and the effects they will have on the self and others. These considerations are at the essence of the spiritually oriented person.

Roncar has the ability to take this simple concept and expand its scope in a way that will inspire you to embrace the importance of these concepts in your ever day life. (In fact, this is the first time I can remember Roncar giving us a homework assignment that will be addressed in the next session.)

He summarizes: “And so, our lesson for this week in Spiritual Development is to first be true to yourself. Consider the importance of you. Know that the actions you take in every day to preserve your own being, to assure your good health, to contribute to the welfare of the world, are part of the steps of Spiritual Development. This is the basis. And I would like each of you to consider all the other attributes you would like to find within yourself, and that you would like others to see within you.”

Happy Listening, Robert Victor, Editor / Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

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Are You Spiritually Oriented?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on 3rd December 2011


Are You Spiritually Oriented? (excerpt from 11-29-11)

Perhaps you never thought about it? Or for you it may be obvious.

I have always said that there are as many religions as there are people walking the earth. Everyone has their own interpretation of whatever religion they may belong to, whether they participate or not. Even Atheism is a faith based religion.

In this episode Roncar addresses the differences between a religious person and the spiritually oriented person. What I find interesting is that you might assume that one who strictly follows the precepts of a religion may not be spiritual because of the doctrines or limitations that might limit ones approach to ones relationship with the Almighty.

However, if you listen to Roncar’s thought about the nature of the spirituality, whether you follow the doctrines of one particular religion, or you have cherry picked the teaching of various religions that speak to your vision of life, it really does not matter. The essence of the spiritually oriented person is one who strives to be the best person that he or she can be. To be the one who sows the seeds of peace and harmony in their own life and for the greater good of others.

Happy Listening, Robert Victor, Editor / Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

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Is Roncar’s God a Judeo-Christian God?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on 3rd December 2011


Is Roncar's God a Judeo-Christian God?

an excerpt from 11-29-11

One of the questions that came in this week actually may have been the inspiration of Roncar's main topic. One listener asks: "Could you tell me what Roncar means when he talks about God? Is it Judeo-Christian God?" - Christine.

In this answer Roncar defines his concept of God.

Happy Listening, Robert Victor, Editor / Copyright (c) 2012 Roncar Speaks, All rights reserved.

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