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Do You Talk Trash to Yourself?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on February 4th, 2012


Do You "Talk Trash" to Yourself (from 01-31-12)

In this episode of Roncar Speaks, Roncar emphasizes the importance for each of us to be aware of what we allow to enter our reality.  This includes the influences from our external influence from friends and family as well as what surfaces from our mind.  By guarding the gates of our consciousness we take full responsibility for our experience in life.

Roncar amusingly refers to the constant barrage of “trash talk” that flies all around us from those we encounter at work and home. The opportunity to let the negative opinions and judgments from others to influence our reality is always available.

Besides entertaining the negativity from friends, family and associates, what about you? Do you talk trash to yourself?  Are you one who has internalized the negative messages of others to replay over and over again when the appropriate situation arises to reinforce any negative opinion you may be harboring about yourself? When you place this scenario within this context, it sounds like a dumb thing to do; like banging you head against a wall, or hitting your thumb with a hammer. But if you really watch what goes on in your head, there is a very good chance you will see this little bug running around inside of your head wreaking all kinds of havoc even though some of these thoughts can be very cleverly disguised, seemingly innocuous, and very subtle.

The issue is not about the negativity bait dangling on a hook at the door to our consciousness.  Whether the source be from a friend or from the regurgitation of you own mind, the action that is taken becomes an issue of self responsibility and ultimately self love. It is up to you to decide what you allow into your reality.  You are the person in charge. You have the power to decide what to accept, or reject.  Sometimes we totally forget the incredible power we possess to shape and transform our life experience via the simple practice of exercising our own will.

Roncar’s message is to stand on guard.  Be conscious and protect your delicate balance. Turn on your own spam filter and decide what goes to your “in box” or what gets placed in the “trash.

Happy Listening!

Warm Regards, Robert Victor,  Editor

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