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Happiness is an Affirmation Away

Posted by Roncarspeaks on February 11th, 2012


Happiness is an Affirmation Away

(from 02-07-12)

In this session Roncar addresses numerous topics to arrive at the main point of the discourse. He even suggests the title for this excerpt as “Happiness is just an Affirmation away." (That is a first.)

Initially you might think that this is just too simple, too clichéd or even too optimistic. You may think you have heard it all before and perhaps even tried some affirmations from time to time. However, I urge you to listen to how Roncar states his case because he will take you through a basic understanding of how you arrived at the point you are today and what you can do to improve the quality of your reality.

The basic question centers around, “How satisfied are you with yourself?” Happiness is really all about being happy with yourself and the reality you create by yourself and for yourself.

Roncar says, “Happiness is one of the easiest things to create.”  Considering the state of our world today with the misery index running off of the chart because of everything from the economy to war in the Middle East, happiness does not seem like a commodity that is in abundant supply with the majority of the our population.

So, how do you create Happiness? How do you overcome the negative indoctrination of your subconscious youth, as well as negate the negative stimulus that surrounds you? The answer is to re-program. Counterbalance all of those old ways of perceiving your reality by making the conscious decision to reshape your reality today. Your conscious decision to correct the bad habits of old and lazy perceptions can transform your new reality one thought at a time. Just like the instructions on many cleaning supplies, “Repeat as necessary until clean.”

Happy Listening!

Robert Victor,  Editor

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