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Introduction to the Mastery of Life

Posted by Roncarspeaks on November 10th, 2011

Introduction to the Mastery of Life

excerpt from  04-28-09.

In one form or another,  if you listen to Roncar long enough you will come to realize that this topic, The Mastery of Life, is at the heart of most of the subjects he discusses on our Tuesday night sessions. He emphasizes that we each have the opportunity to achieve a Mastery of Life and it is the main reason for incarnation.

Mastery of Life is not reserved for the rich and famous or just for those who are extremely talented or creative. The fulfilled and perfect life is available for all, from the most humble of circumstances to those with great power and resources. The stage may be different, but the goal is the same.

We shape our quality of our life through our own inner resources. It is the power of will and our ability to manipulate perception that actually creates the world we experience and ultimately attract in the physical.

Robert Victor,  Editor.