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Is Every Day A Wonderful Day?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on March 31st, 2012


Is Every Day A Wonderful Day?

(from 03-27-12)

This week’s lecture is very interesting in that it serves many purposes. First it is an introductory lecture for the benefit of a new group of people who have not ever experienced the phenomena of a spirit speaking through a medium. This was the first Circle we held at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Sparta, NJ, so there were many new faces.  Roncar speaks a little about the history of the Circle, his agreement with the Medium, and his reasons for participation.  You may hear Roncar refer to “the little one.” That would be Whannah, Norma’s joy guide. I have include a separate audio clip so you can hear how she explains her role in the Circle as she gives some instructions to the new people for the evening. Whannah is always a delight, upbeat and cheerful. Her persona is that of a little Indian (Native American) girl. Her name actually means “running water” and as she speaks you can see why that name so perfectly suites her. In this midst of Roncar’s recording you will hear a constant and persistent “hum”.  Just in case you are wondering what that might be, we did not realize that we were near the furnace room at the church. You will hear it kick in about half way though the lecture.

However, besides all of the new introductions, Roncar’s message aims right at the core of his purpose for speaking through Norma every week. The subject is Spiritual Development.  Spiritual Development does not have to take place in a Monastery, a Church or an Ashram in the mountains. Your spiritual development is happening right now as you live your everyday life. It is how you approach each day and all of the trappings within it that provides the opportunities for you to grow on the Spiritual plane. In each day we have the opportunities to transcend our own self imposed limitations and perceptions to create greater peace and harmony in our own life which is again magnified into the peace and harmony of the world at large.

The benchmark by which we can measure our progress can be boiled down to a single simple judgment, “Is today a wonderful day?” How you answer that question is a true reflection on the state of your own development.

I hope you enjoy this week’s audio update. It is entertaining and at the same time gets right to the point. In some ways it is a summary of everything you really need to know.

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