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Release Your Limitations

Posted by Roncarspeaks on November 22nd, 2011

Release Your Limitations

an excerpt from 09-13-11

This segment really talks about our why we have resistance to making changes in our life and what we can do to overcome that inertia.

Roncar points out that old ideas, habitual thinking and old programming often act as the barrier to our changing life for the better. We have often outgrown these limiting concepts but do not take the time to review their impact on our ability to move forward or make significant changes.

It is easy for us to become attached to the old ways of thinking, behaving and evaluation. We are often attached because they are a known commodity and have a certain comfort factor.  Fear of the unknown will hold us back from venturing forth.

Our old framework is like an old pair of worn out shoes. We are very familiar with them, but they cause pain and discomfort and are no longer an asset – but a limitation. To release these self imposed limitations only requires a reevaluation of what was once considered unquestionable by your old habitual way of thinking. Change is not limited. You can change and change again until you are comfortable with you new reality.

As the master of you life you can muster the will and determination to make your life different. You are in charge, not the old habits, not the old thinking.

Robert Victor, Editor

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