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Tapping into the Higher Consciousness

Posted by Roncarspeaks on February 18th, 2012


Tapping into the Higher Consciousness

This week we are reviewing Roncar’s addresses from May, 2008 where Roncar eloquently expounds on the acquiring knowledge, information and wisdom directly from the source. Roncar states, “It is this higher self that is directly connected to God and touches all of the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of the ages.”

Have you ever stopped to consider that you are a Divine part of God in action? Most of us do not think of ourselves that way. However, you do have the ability to tap the infinite consciousness of God to bring forth information, new ways of thinking and solutions to pressing problems that have affected your own life and even the lives of others.

There is a Super Conscious part of you that always remains in Spirit. At any time you can make the decision to tap into this consciousness to come into the fullness of knowledge and understanding that is contained within yourself. Here you will find the answers, the inspiration and the clarity of mind from which you can create the wonderful life you desire from the potential that lies within. In addition you can also be a source of inspiration and understanding for others.

Some may think that this ability is only possible for the highly elevated gurus who act on planes beyond our common comprehension. In this segment Roncar explains how this wisdom is available to every one of us, at any point in time.

Thank you for listening!

Warm regards,  Robert Victor, Editor

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