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What’s the Connection between a Birthmark and a Past Life?

Posted by Roncarspeaks on November 26th, 2011


What's the Connection between a Birthmark and a Past Life?

an excerpt from 06-21-11

This simple question led to a great answer.

Have you ever considered that a pronounced birthmark on your body may be the result of an injury or medical condition from a previous incarnation?

Not only does Roncar expound upon the past life connections to current physical traits, but he also explains how the conscious and subconscious mind serves to generate the physical conditions that manifest in your body today. Once again the inner is a reflection of the outer.

Have you ever considered that the healing that takes place within your physical body also heals the inner world that caused you to manifest or attract that malady to begin with? Listen and find out why.

Robert Victor, Editor

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