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You Are The Gardener of Your Life

Posted by Roncarspeaks on March 24th, 2012


You Are the Gardener of Your Life

(from 03-20-12)

Have you ever tried to create or achieve something in your life that just never seems to arrive? Have you tried everything you can think of doing to push your project along with no sign of fruition, even though you may have been working at that project for many years? Have you ever stopped or given up on something because of the frustration?  Accept for a very rare few among us, we have all shared an experience like this at one time or another.

In this week’s lecture, Roncar not only speaks about the benefits of persistence and patience, but also addresses the matter of accomplishing your goals in this current environment of “change.” It is hard enough to manifest something under the conditions that are somewhat stable. But now, in this time period when so much of what was once considered familiar or common sense is being re-evaluated by individuals, societies and nations; the reference points by which we guide our ship are often missing or in some other spot yet to be determined.

Roncar emphasizes that times of change are often a perfect time to plough and plant new seeds. It is a time to rework what you have already done and to consider new ways to accomplish your goals. Even though nothing may appear to be happening on the surface, all of the energy you have invested in manifesting will only act as a fertilizer to enrich and enhance your crop when the timing is ripe for manifestation.

Roncar encourages us to continue with our dreams, goals and desires, for if you stop you will not harvest a thing. In his metaphor, “You are the Gardener of your life.” It is up to you to plough, plant, tend and weed your crop.  While you already know this to be true, it is so eloquently stated in this brief segment I am sure you will find listening to be both motivational and inspiring.

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