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Your Power Is Limitless

Posted by Roncarspeaks on March 10th, 2012


Your Power Is Limitless

(from 03-06-12)

This past Tuesday we had a number of “new people” show up at our circle. This often happens in the Spring. It seems the nicer, warmer weather inspires people to take an initiative for growth.  In fact to accommodate more people, we are going to move our Tuesday night sessions to the Institute for Spiritual Development for 2 weeks each month beginning on March 27th. The sessions will begin at 8:00 PM on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.  This location will be more centrally located for many. (15 Sparta Ave. Sparta NJ 07871)

We define new people being those who have never attended a trance channel session before. So the phenomenon of seeing Norma channel spirit was a first time experience,  and so was the opportunity for Roncar to introduce the essence of his message that comes though week after week in one form or another.

His teaching is simple, yet powerful and eloquently stated. Incarnation brings us the opportunity to reflect our divine nature.  Man is made in the image of God as a creator within the creation.  It is only in the physical that we have the opportunity to create. You alone are the greatest influence on your world. The thoughts you think, the perceptions you cultivate and the actions you take make you the ultimate authority on what you experience.

In this address, Roncar concludes, “You are the greatest power. Know that this is true. Know that you have infinite power to create a wonderful life for yourself. “

You might say, “Of course! I know that already.”  However, as you take a look at your life in its current state, is there not room for a more refined application of these simple truths?  If you want to play Golf successfully, mastering the swing is the most important element for success. The mechanics and the laws of physics never change. One can understand exactly what to do. It is not hard to understand. But how many can hit that ball perfectly every time? The same is true in this game we call life. Revue the basics and practice, practice, practice….

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