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Posted by Roncarspeaks on November 10th, 2011

Who is Roncar? Roncar is an ancient elevated soul who speaks through the medium, Reverend Norma Victor. The teachings of  Roncar most often deal with the issues surrounding the mastery of life. The "mastery of life" implies control over ones destiny while at the same time being in complete harmony with everyone and everything around you.

Most of what you hear from Roncar is profound common sense. It is an in-depth look at how we create the world and realities in which we live. Emphasis always falls back to the individual’s responsibility to make the right choices at every level, from the thoughts we think to the actions we take.

With this web site, we hope you will find inspiration and answers in the pursuit of life’s ultimate challenge.

Who is the Medium? Norma Victor is an ordained minister at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Sparta, NJ. Norma is a “trance channel.” She has the unique ability to allow spirit to channel through her. This gift came to her almost immediately once she was introduced to the practice in a training session in 1981. The first spirits that came through were relatives or friends that had passed over to the other side of life. However, after several years of practice she eventually developed into the caliber of medium that only few achieve. Master spirit guides began to show up at her weekly sessions and the focus

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